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Plastic Surgery









Plastic surgery restores and improves function, as well as appearance. It can involve surgery on any part of the anatomy, except the central nervous system, including:


  1. Skin, including skin cancer, scars, burns, birthmarks, and tattoo removal

  2. Maxillofacial (the facial skeleton)

  3. Congenital anomalies, including deformed ears, cleft palate, and cleft lip


What does plastic surgery include?

Plastic surgery includes both reconstructive and aesthetic (cosmetic) procedures:

Reconstructive plastic surgery

In general, reconstructive surgery is done on abnormal structures of the body that may be caused by:



Developmental abnormalities

Congenital (present at birth) anomalies



Cosmetic (aesthetic) plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is done to repair or reshape otherwise normal structures of the body, generally, to improve appearance.

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